The Program, The Plan, The Vision.

This is an amazing chance for students to help cultivate a culture of LIFE in the St. Louis community.  With #LIFESQUAD you have a way to be actively pro-life throughout the year, to go beyond one cold day in January, and bring about immediate change in

our community.
Students (15+) can participate in “Action Days” consisting of Outreach, Rallies, and Service throughout our region: having fun, connecting with like-minded advocates for life, and earning scholarship points!  Points can earn your way to the March for Life, Washington D.C., retreats, mission trips, and more!
Are you full of excitement and ready to make a difference?
Join today!

Meet the Squad Commanders

Brad is a fun, loving, large man that is passionate about the pro-life movement and student outreach.  You can often catch him stroking his beard contemplating saving babies.  He dreams of the day in which the face of the movement has a youthful glow.  His experience working with students and the pro-life mission can make anyone ask the question, “Why are we sooo blessed?!” His life affirming message is one of his favorite things to talk about, along with things that start with “B!” So, invite this guy to your next Pro-Life function and come participate in the #LIFESQUAD!”

Colleen has been impacted by the Pro-Life movement from a very young age and dreams of a brighter future for everyone, born and unborn. She likes to have fun and enjoys living life to the fullest. She has an identical twin that she gets mistaken for ALLLLL the time. But it’s fine, because they both love life. Her favorite hobby is making fun of Ben for always doing his hair. Last but not least, Colleen wants YOU to join the #LIFESQUAD!

Ben desires to see a culture that embraces life and a new generation passionate about ending abortion. He is optimistic that the pro-life movement can shake off its negative stereotypes and one day be characterized as modern, energetic, and joyful. Likewise, Ben zealously pursues the perfect hairstyle – often using hair paste and a hairdryer to achieve his dreams. You’ll regularly find him checking his hair in the mirror, while flipping his water bottle attempting to land it. His personal record is 30 successful flips in a row, and he is very proud of the fact that he has landed it on top of a door multiple times. But Ben finds even more fulfillment in spreading the Pro-Life message during Action Days, and wants YOU to join the #LIFESQUAD!

After nearly a lifetime of fighting bees for honey and catching salmon in the river, the Bear grew weary of the same humdrum routine and began to desire a more exciting, meaningful life. He saw humans destroying themselves in the womb, thought it was a terrible idea, and decided mankind could use some help. We found the Bear standing next to a river, holding a sign with the words, “SAVE THE BABY HUMANS” written on the front. It was apparent he needed a little guidance, as he was trying to recruit the same salmon he would normally smash against the rocks and then consume, to help the cause. But immediately we recognized his passion for life and thought, “Hey, we need this guy!” The Bear was quickly hired as the Head of the Office of Fuzz (HOFer) and has continued to be the #LIFESQUAD mascot ever since.