#LIFESQUAD helps high-school and college students become active in the pro-life movement, while providing scholarship funds for the March for Life, retreats, and tuition earned through Action Days. These Action Days equip students with opportunities to promote life in the community through rallies, outreach, and service. Our program is a channel through which students can practice standing for their convictions and save lives in the process.


Must be #LIFESQUAD Approved Scholarship Opportunities

  • Retreats, Conferences, or Mission trips
  • Christian High-School funding
  • Students can apply to have their events/schools approved

Examples of #LIFESQUAD Approved Scholarship Opportunities

  • March for Life
  • Steubenville Conference
  • Respect Life Convention

Scholarship Points Program:

   With the primary goal of helping students attend the March for Life, the #LIFESQUAD Scholarship Program has implemented a points system based on Action Days participation. Each scholarship point awarded through involvement in our Action Days is equivalent to 15 cents. These scholarship points can be redeemed by the student towards #LIFESQUAD approved events and opportunities. For example, attending the March for Life through Gen. Life’s program costs an estimated $260. Accordingly, a student would need to acquire 1,750 scholarship points in order to cover the cost. This would translate into the student engaging in approximately 8-9 Action Days valued at 200 points each. Moreover, the percentage of an Action Day that the student attends determines the percentage of that Action Day’s designated points the student acquires. The number of points allocated to an Action Day is based on its type and difficulty.