March on the Arch – 1/27/18

Saturday, January 27th, 1 – 4pm. We will meet at the corner of Boyle and Forest Park Ave at 12:30pm, then depart for the Arch at 1pm as we march for life throughout St. Louis! Join HUNDREDS of other pro-lifers as we promote life in our community. Let us know below if you would like transportation back to the Convent from the Arch (one carpool driver per car register below).
-Lunch accommodations are available at Boland Hall at 12pm

6 Replies to “March on the Arch – 1/27/18”

  1. Hi there. Thanks for all of your great pro-life work and witness. My daughter is a freshman at SLU and part of the prolife group there. Wondering if you have reached out to them to participate in the March on the Arch. Would be a great opportunity for them to engage locally. She is just getting involved and I do not know anyone there, otherwise I would pass along some contact info. Hoping you have a connection. If not, I could do some digging. Thanks again!

    1. John this is great. We will be in contact soon about how your daughter can get involved.

  2. Why are you promoting Planned Parenthood? Seems a pro-life March should start at a pro-life organization, like Birthright. Think about the young girl who finds herself in a crisis. What is the first place she will think of to turn? Planned Parenthood. Why? Because that’s all she’s heard of from the pro lifers. You spend so much time fighting Planned Parenthood instead of promoting a Pro Life organization that no one knows where the Birthright locations are!! You are inadvertently promoting Planned Parenthood, and they LOVE it!!

    1. Thank you Steve for your support of our pro-life efforts. We promote on a daily bases alternatives to abortion such as Birthright, Thrive, Our Lady’s Inn and South County Pregnancy Center to name a few. Planned Parenthood, however, must be exposed for their deadly business and this is why we start at Planned Parenthood. We are addressing the problem head on.

  3. so glad to see this being organized in St. Louis.
    I just hope the march the same day in the Missouri State Capital also draws a big crowd.

    1. We’ll see you there. Yes we are a big fan of the Midwest March for Life in Jefferson City. We hope this only adds to those active in Missouri, not decrease it.

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