Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What is #LIFESQUAD?
A) #LIFESQUAD equips pro-life students (15+) in St. Louis with scholarship funds by offering volunteer and activism opportunities.

Q) What is an Activism Opportunity?
A) An activism opportunity is an Action Day organized and carried out by #LIFESQUAD. An Action Day consists of volunteering with a Pro-Life organization, engaging in Pro-Life outreach at community events, or participating in positive, energetic rallies.

Q) What does a Volunteer Action Day look like?
A) A Volunteer Action Day is when a #LIFESQUAD participant helps a Pro-life organization or Pregnancy Resource Center (e.g. Thrive, Life Runners) with tasks they need accomplished.

Q) What does a Rally Action Day look like?
A) A Rally Action Day is a positive and energetic witness outside of Planned Parenthood. It is a way for Pro-Life students to express their excitement for life with chants, songs, speakers, and prayer.

Q) What does an Outreach Action Day look like?
A) An Outreach Action Day consists of a #LIFESQUAD participant going to a public area (i.e. Parish picnics, festivals) to engage in conversation or distribute materials about the Pro-Life movement.

Q) What if a student is shy, but passionately Pro-Life and wants to participate in an Outreach Action Day?
A) Each Outreach Action Day will begin with a huddle where we equip each student with the tools, knowledge, and training to engage the public. Once they feel comfortable enough, they are encouraged to try it themselves. However, the student can perform other tasks they might be more comfortable with, such as passing out #LIFESQUAD stickers, pamphlets, or pregnancy resources information.

Q) How do I get scholarship funds?
A) By participating in our Action Days, a #LIFESQUAD student will receive scholarship points based on the extent of their participation, which then convert to funds for #LIFESQUAD approved scholarship opportunities.

Q) How much is each Action Day worth?
A) Each Action Day is weighted differently depending on the difficulty of the event. For example, a Rally Action Day might be worth 100 points, a Volunteer Action Day might be worth 200 points, and an Outreach Action Day might be worth 300 points.

Q) What is the Scholarship?
A) The Scholarship provides students with an avenue to remain involved in the Pro-Life movement while financially subsidizing primarily their trip to the Washington, D.C. March for Life. Through participation in Action Days, #LIFESQUAD students will gain points that will go towards funding the March for Life or another #LIFESQUAD approved scholarship opportunity.

Q) What is a #LIFESQUAD approved scholarship opportunity, other than the March for Life?
A) If a student is unable to attend the March for Life in Washington D.C. then #LIFESQUAD will subsidize other approved scholarship opportunities such as:
– Retreats (e.g. Steubenville, Luke 18 retreat)
– Mission Trips (e.g. Project Life)
– Conferences (e.g. Respect for Life Conference, National Catholic Youth Conference NCYC)
– Other Pro-Life or faith driven opportunities

Q) How much is each Action Day point worth?
A) Each point is worth roughly $0.15.

Q) How do I redeem my points?
A) Email the #LIFESQUAD office at LIFESQUAD@coalitionforlifestl.com for a #LIFESQUAD Points Redemption Form. Mail or email the redemption form back to #LIFESQUAD Headquarters:

11780 Borman Dr.
Suite 128
St. Louis Mo 63146

Then once the form is received a check will be sent in the mail within 2-3 business days.

Q) How many Action Days must I attend before I can redeem my points?
A) A student must have attended 3 Outreach Action Days in order to be eligible for scholarship redemption.

Q) How will I know how many points I have?
A) Email the #LIFESQUAD Headquarters with Name, Organization, and TOTAL POINTS in the subject line. An email with the information requested will be sent back within 2-3 business days.

Q) Where does the check go?
A) The check will be sent to the student’s Group Leader (Youth Minister/Pro-Life Club Advisor, etc.) who is in charge of the approved scholarship opportunity. Then, the Group Leader will distribute the funds accordingly.

Q) Will #LIFESQUAD come and speak at my church or school?
A) Yes, #LIFESQUAD would consider it an honor to come and speak to any students desiring to hear about the Pro-Life message.

Q) How can I schedule #LIFESQUAD to speak at our church or school?
A) Simply contact the #LIFESQUAD headquarters to set up a time and date. Call (636) 422-3221, or email at LIFESQUAD@coalitionforlifestl.com

Q) Will the participants get scholarship points for coming to an event where #LIFESQUAD is simply speaking?
A) No, only if a student participants in an Action Day will a #LIFESQUAD student receive scholarship points.

Q) Will the students be safe while participating in Action Days?
A) Yes, each #LIFESQUAD employee/volunteer has completed the Archdiocesan Protecting God’s Children training, and the students will be accompanied by a chaperone at each Action Day.

Q) For an Outreach Action Day, how will the students be engaging the public?
A) The students will ask the public if they would like to sign a Pro-Life petition or complete a survey. If the individual is reluctant or expresses opposition to the Pro-Life cause, then the student will follow organized steps for defending the Pro-Life viewpoint outlined by #LIFESQUAD.